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Nostrum Terra Chapter 6/?

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Disclaimer: Smallville: Superman the Early Years, and Superman, the comic and all their relevant characters, places and items, are the direct property of Warner Brothers Inc, The CW and DC comics.

A/N: So i have sufficiently proven that the whole regular thing is not happening... I did try to get this one out last week... i did! I promise!

Well, improptuity aside, i would like to first of all dedicate this chapter to bella8876 . It was her birthday... about... two weeks ago (I know, i'm like this with all my presents, ask my ex). She is an inspiration to me, especially when it comes to writing JL fics, i may have said this before, but it is as true now as it was then, she is awesome! Seriousy.

Second i would like to thank all of my wonderful and beautiful reviewers! (i have no idea what you look like). Special thanks, prayers, and blessings go to babydee1 , yhrcmg , saurina .

Now the chapter, please read and review, I'm still hesitant with the JL... and i have never had luck writing fight scenes. (oh, did i not mention this was a fight chapter?)

Nostrum Terra
Chapter Six

"When evening comes, you say, 'It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.' And in the morning,'Today it will be stormy, for the sky is red and overcast"- Matthew 16: 2-3

Victor Stone liked to think he had more than just the usual super-powers (that's usual in the relative sense of course). Considering, Clark had the superstrength, and Chloe that Technopathy, he figured he needed something to make himself special. My guess is he didn't think jacking up to a toaster, and making it speak French was special enough.

Dinah called it Physic powers, Bart thought that there was some kind of record that he was constantly hacking into (there was, you could find it at any police station in the Western Hemi-sphere). AC described it as "… weird." But when asked about it, Victor would simply smile mysteriously and say. "I see stuff."

And did he see stuff…

Like now for instance, Victor was noticing subtle differences in his friend Clark Kent's demeanour. While he and AC had been joking freely with Chloe over the comms to stop her worrying, Clark had given them steely glances and impatient sighs, and instead of shrugging off the wrong turn he took moment earlier, he stewed. Now Clark wasn't always Mr Happy-Go-Lucky, but there was something altogether darker about his darkness, grimer about his grimness, Victor couldn't put his finger on it, but it made him uneasy.

So he watched him warily as they climbed the stairs. Clark had kindly given them a lift up to the thirty-eighth floor, but due to the fact that secret missions (surprisingly) were not his forte, they opted to take the last few stairs up human style. AC took the lead as they climbed, watching for any people. Chloe had assured them there were no heat signatures throughout the building other than their own, but AC was still wary

"It is a building full of super-powered aliens after all." He'd said.

"Not super-powered yet…" Clark had mumbled.

And so as they climbed those last floors, Victor watched the back of his friends dark head. Everything about him was dark nowadays. When they'd worked together before, he'd been strictly red-and-blue. It seemed he opted for the darker side of things nowadays. Victor found it fairly unsettling, and so called him out on it.

"Don't get me wrong and all, I like the whole Matrix get up." Victor said. "who doesn't want a floor length leather jacket right? All I'm saying is, it's a lot different to your old uniform."

Clark said nothing, and continued to climb.

Victor decided it couldn't hurt to continue. "Makes me wonder if you're a lot different to your old self."

Clark stopped at that and turned to face Victor. AC also stopped and turned, eyebrows raised at Vic. "Dude…" he hissed.

Victor said nothing, and just watched Clark, looking for whatever it was that was pushing at his surface. But Clark's face remained emotionless, looking back at Victor with only the slightest hint of daring. "You're right Victor." He said pokerfaced. "I am very different."

Victor felt his eyes narrow subconsciously as Clark turned and walked past AC, and continued up the stairs and around the bend in them.

Victors eyes followed him, ignoring AC's hand signals that he presumed were telling him to drop it. "What happened to you man?" he asked

Clark stopped again, dead in his tracks. Victor could see only the profile of his face, but he almost saw… or maybe he imagined he saw a flash of loss cross his face. It was so brief, Victor wondered if it was real, because before he could really register it, it was replaced with that same emotionless expression, that Clark was wearing so well.

"I guess I grew up." Clark said.

Before Victor could reply AC elbowed him in the ribs and walked on up the stairs. "Watchtower, this is Aquaman, Team B is approaching the target level, and are awaiting further instructions."

Victor understood this as a 'drop it or I drop you,' warning. AC wasn't the guy who liked to be put in the middle of people's arguments. Victor glanced at Clark again, and continued up the stairs.

"Copy that Aquaman," Chloe said over the comms "Gents, the corridor you need to go through is very heavily guarded, and there isn't much I can do about that." Chloe said. "There should be a way through to the meeting space through the ventilation systems, if you look to the wall on your left, you should find an access point."

Victor looked around him, "Got it." He said into his comm. "That's awfully high up, Tower…"

Chloe was giggling again, as she said. "Well, I'm sure one of your super-friends can give you a boost Cyborg."

"You want me to climb into an air vent?" AC asked, incredulously. "Seriously?"

"Well unless you want to be served up to Zod as "Bullet Peppered Mackerel"… Yeah!"

Clark remained silent, watching stoically as AC groaned. "Come on Tower! Seriously, can't I get anything other than a fish joke?"

"Shh!" Victor said motioning to the door, "We got it, Tower. Gonna be silent on our end for a bit, don't want to alert anyone to our arrival, Okay?"

There was silence on the other end of the comm. Clark looked over at Victor and frowned. "Watchtower, do you copy?" Victor said.

Nothing but silence came over the comm. Clark began to get a little uneasy, and his frown deepened. "Where is she?" he asked Victor.

"Watchtower, do you copy?" Victor asked a little more insistent this time.

Only the buzz of the earpieces was heard.

AC asked. "What happened? She disconnect?"

Victor shook his head "Nah… she'd never…"

Clark was a little anxious. "I guess we have to go in blind then." He said and moved toward the air vent. When he realised no one was following, and felt the tickle of intense looks on the back of his neck, Clark turned to see Victor and AC looking at him like he'd grown another head.

"What?" he asked.

"Seriously?" AC replied.

"Look, Clark." Victor began, "I know you really want this Zod guy out of the picture, but… we can't go on without a connection to Chloe."

"Guys if your worried about going in blind-"

"It's not that Clark." Ac hissed. "Look, Chloe doesn't stop talking on missions. If she's not there, it means something's happened."

What neither of the other two noticed was Victor slowly moving closer and closer to a flickering light.

"Like what?" Clark asked. "You think she's in danger?"

"That's the point." AC said. "We don't know."

They also didn't notice the lights flickering in the exact same way, all the way down the hall. Victor did. After all, he "sees" stuff.

Clark sighed. "Look, our best bet, to get her out of danger is to stop Zod." He said. "We let him run loose in favour of Chloe and she'll be in even more danger, all the time and… Victor what are you doing?"

"This light…" Victor said slowly.

AC rolled his eyes. "Yes Vic, it's real pretty, but I don't think it's your type-"

"I could swear" Victor said, almost as though in a trance, ignoring AC, "… it's talking in code…"

"What?" AC snapped.

"Morse… Code…" Victor murmured. Clark and AC watched him as though he'd started leaking. Suddenly Victor looked around him. "no cameras…?" he said. "Crap…"

Victor turned and saw AC and Clark loking at him strangely. "What?"

AC watched him for a minute. "So how's the light doing?"

"Fine actually" Victor replied with a grin. "She says Scout has to show us the way."

"Oh really well… Wait… What?"

Victor grinned. "Chloe was cutting the power intermittently and making using the light to talk to us in morse code."

Both Clark and AC looked surprised. "… she can do that?"


"Right… Well… How's Boy Scout gonna show us the way?"

"I'd like to know that myself-"

Victor gave him a look. "So… did you forget about the whole seeing through things… thing?"



Meanwhile, Dinah Lance was thinking about how she could get away with first degree murder.

"Are you and AC dating?" Bart asked her.

"What the hell-?"

"Of course you're dating, I mean, you don't take someone to Venice, the most romantic city on earth, if you aint dating."

Dinah gaped at him. "I swear to God Bart-"

"Dude, I was there remember, gave you a lift, Impulse style."

Dinah was about to answer when they came to three doors, leading to three separate corridors… a fork in the road as it were. "Which way?" Dinah asked.

She was… surprised to say the least, when all he could give her was a shrug.

"You don't know?" she nearly yelled

"Yo! Keep your voice down!" Bart hissed. "secret mission, remember?"

"How can you not know where we're going? You're supposed to be in contact with Watchtower at all times."

"Look! I haven't heard from Watchtower since that last turning, okay?" Bart said holding his hand up in retreat. "If it makes things better, I'll call her now, okay?"

Dinah said nothing, and sulked.

"Aw Canary," Bart said with an impish grin, "Don't sulk, you're so much prettier when you're smiling."

Dinah simply rolled her eyes, and walked up to one of the doors slowly. She frowned, looking through the glass pane. She thought she saw…

"Impulse!" she hissed, and waved him over

"I can't get a hold of Chloe-" Bart said as he walked over,

"Forget that." Dinah said, pointing through the glass. "DIdn't she say the only ones down here should be the hostages?"


Dinah grinned. "Well then what are they guarding so heavily?"

Bart looked through the glass, sure enough there were three goons, with guns, congregating against a wall.

"Here's what we're gonna do." Dinah said.


Despite Victors reservations, Clark had led team B apparently to Zod's location. The vent's opened out onto a ledge type balcony where the three of them only just fit, pressing their bodies into the ledge as far as they would go, moulding to to shadows. AC began to realise that it was situations such as these, wherein Clark's goth get up made more sense. He watched him a little enviously, wondering how his Bright Orange, and Green was looking in the shadows.

He didn't have much time to dwell on this however. It was as they approached that they realised just how many Clarks they were dealing with.

"Holy Sh-" began AC.

"Shh!" Vic hissed.

From their position above the room, it was easy to see that the room was filled with people-Kryptonians. AC swallowed nervously, and looked over at Clark. All along one side of the room, there were floor to ceiling windows, which Victor could tell from the dim light faced east. He was a little surprised to see that the sun was about to rise. He hadn't realised quite how late it was.

At the opposite end of the room, there was a raised platform, from which it seemed Zod had stepped down in the middle of his speech.

"… the power of the Gods." Zod was saying "Power beyond the imagination of the peons of this earth."

From the nods reverberating throughout the room, Victor could tell that Zod wasn't the only one who considered him a peon… Victor wasn't sure how he felt about it.

"And this power was taken from us." Zod continued "Stripped… as though we never deserved it, as though someone-anyone had the right, to say we didn't deserve it."

Zod walked back toward the raised platform. Clark watched him with a scowl, before something caught his eye.


"Shh!" Victor hissed again.

"But all has been put to rights." Zod said. "The traitor, has been dealt with…"

Clark frowned, 'traitor?' He thought… Subconsiously, he lifted himself up onto his hands and knees.

"… and thanks to, Alia" zod said gesturing to a woman in the front row, "Our powers are ours for the taking."

AC watched as Clark slowly rose from his crawl, turned crouch, and began to stand. "What are you doing?" he hissed.

"it's too late…" Clark seemed to say, to no one in particular.

"On our home planet, my brothers and sisters," Zod said. "The sun bestowed upon us its strength, and gave us the power to make Kandor the greatest city ever known. It seems only fitting that a new dawn, hails the rise of Kandor once more."

Suddenly, there was a telltale Whoosh! And AC and Victor's heads snapped round to see Clark appear in front of Zod.

AC let of a chain of curses as he moved to stand, before being stopped by Victor's hand on his wrist.

"Dude?" he said "We got to get him out of there,"

A strange frown tightened on Victors face. "Just wait…"

AC's eyes narrowed, but he relented. Apparently Victor was in charge, while Mum was otherwise indisposed.

Unlike the rest of the Kryptonians, it seemed that Zod was not surprised by Clarks arrival, and even a little amused at the other's murmurs.

"Well, well, well…" Zod said with a small smile. "If it isn't the son of Jor-El himself"

"Clark?" Tess said rising with a frown.

Clark glanced at her, before turning his eyes back to Zod.

"I imagine you have the same intent as your father, before you." Zod said. "Kal-El"

Clark's eyes flashed angrily. "How do you know that name?"

"For the son of Jor-El you aren't quite as quick as he, are you?"

Clark frowned at this.

"You plan to stop me, yes?" Zod said, fighting a grin. "To save this worthless mud-race?"

Clark said nothing.

Zod nodded. "Interesting…" he said. "I should remind you that it would be more profitable for you in the long run to ally yourself with me, while it is still an option to you."

Clark watched him stoically.

Zod walked right up to him, and whispered in his ear. "Kneel before Zod."

Clark said nothing, and kept his eyes on him, remaining ram rod straight.

Zod nodded in understanding. "Very well." Zod said.

"Where is the Book of Rau?" Clark demanded.

Zod almost laughed. "Now, wouldn't you like to know."

Clark growled, and grabbed Zod around the throat, with one hand. There was a gasp throughout the room, as Clark lifted him from the ground and Zod's hands went to Clark's wrist, pulling at it, as his face began to turn red.

A strange and almost frightening look came across Clark's face. He whispered to Zod. "Yes… I would."

It was seconds after this with Zod still pulling at Clarks wrist, when Clark began to feel things change.

Gradually his arm began to feel heavy, like it couldn't support Zod's weight alone. Zod's grip on his wrist began to tighten, to the point where is was squeezing, and beginning to hurt. Victor and AC's mouths simultaneously fell open, as they watched Clarks arm lower, slowly, and Zod's feet plant on the ground, as Clarks' grip on his neck was released, and Zod's hands on his wrist had him forced onto his knees.

"What…" Clark breathed before crying out as he heard the bones in his wrist begin to shatter.

That was when Clark noticed the sunlight begin to flood the room, but there was something strange… ominous about this deep red sunrise. He looked back at Zod's face, half of it was dyed red in the sunlight, the other half shrouded in darkness, and shadow. But Clark could plainly see the smirk written across it….

… Right before Zod's fist sent him flying.

Clark always wondered what his punches felt like. Finally he had some idea. He also realised what a drywall tasted like.

"I think we should do something now," AC said.

"Yeah…" Victor said wide-eyed "…totally."

They leapt down, onto the floor below, very thankful that the drop was less than ten feet, as they rolled onto the landing, and leapt up into their battle stances.

After that everything was a bit of a blur, (no pun intended), and all either of them can remember clearly was variously finding their way on the dark side of a drywall.


Bart wondered how he always ended up being the distraction. Not that he didn't enjoy being the trick play, he would just have like to have the chance to get the touchdown once in a while.

But at least he didn't have a time limit. After all, no one could catch up to him if they-

"Holy Crap!" Bart cried right before he ran into a Kryptonian sized brick wall

He swerved and ran back the other way, before coming face to face with the same wall, which happened to have a very intimidating angry face.

"Where is your identification?" the wall asked.

Bart frowned, "What you talking about?"

The wall also frowned. "You are human."

"Well, human's a strong word, let's just call me awesome right about now," Bart said with a grin.

The wall did not smile. "you are not amusing." He said. "and you are trespassing. I must take you into custody."

He made a grab for him, but Bart side stepped out of the way. "Yeah, that's not gonna work for me-"

Bart dodged another grab, "Seriously it's totally gonna mess up my schedule-"

"You are fast." The wall said. "That is interesting."

The kryptonian made another grab for Bart. "And you are awfully slow." He said. "And I mean that in every sense of the word, because as I told the police in Luxmebourg 'you may not have noticed, but either, you're going to have to catch me or kill me to put me in custody-' Okay! We've gone with the killing!" Bart yelped as the krptonian tried to hit him with a right hook. Bart ran down the corridor, looking over his shoulder to see if the kryptonian was behind him.

So that he didn't notice when he ploughed right into him

"Oof!" he cried when he reverberated off of his chest and onto the floor. It's believed that it was hitting the floor, that made it dawn on Bart.

"You do not have the strength to defeat me," the kryptonian said. "you should surrender now, and not risk further injury."

"I love that you care." Bart said rising, a hand in his pocket, "But I have a job to do, and you are in my way."

He swung for the kryptonian, who caught the punch easily, before twisting Barts wrist almost yawning.

Bart felt the pain all the way up his arm, but collected his wits, and smirked. My turn he thought, flipping the lid on the lead lined box in his pocket and pulling out the little green rock, that everyone seemed to have a love-hate relationship with.

The kryptonian's face crumpled as he felt pain erupt in his lower belly, turning his bones weak, and setting hot white fires against his skin. "What…" he groaned out as he bent over double, before dropping to his knees. "What have you done…"

Bart rose, and stood straight, panting a little, he looked down at the kneeling Kryptonian. He smirked, before burying his fist in the kryptionian's face. He found it strangely rewarding watching his blood spill out of his mouth.

"huh…" Bart said to himself punching him again, with the rock. "This is surprisingly fun."

The Kyrptonian slumped to a heap on the floor. Bart smiled. "Impulse to Watchtower, I don't know if you can hear me, but I am like… ten thousand times hotter right now… in case you didn't realise."

Before Bart could dwell on himself, he found himself faced with new opponents, two more kryptonians rounded the corner, and immediately began to pale at the presence of the Kryptonite.

Bart held it up proudly. "Afraid of this aren't you? Well too bad cos its not going any-"

Bart cried out as the rock blew up in his hand. "DAMMIT!" he cried, holding his now burning hand. His eyes lifted and fell on the Kryptonians again.

Bart felt that all consuming fear swell in his stomach, as he watched the smirks creep across the kryptonians faces

Oh… shit… he thought.


Amanda had fallen asleep on Oliver's shoulder thirty minutes ago, in that space of time Friar had come up to him. In those thirty minutes, the two had spoken more than they ever had before, and Oliver had learned something; there was a reason they didn't talk.

Friar was constantly talking about hurting somebody, if not the Kandorians, then Tess Mercer, if not Tess Mercer, then his father. Oliver was shocked he had any relationship at all with Amanda, who seemed too pacific to be for real. In fact, Oliver was a little shocked that he hadn't been certified as a psychopath. It was quite frightening listening to him talk about how much he was going to make them pay.

"When I get outta here…" he began almost every sense, "I tell ya Queen… these bastards are gonna regret it."

Oliver forced a smile and a nod. "I have no doubt of that, Friar."

Oliver's attention was pulled from Friar suddenly, and all eyes turned to the man on the floor, and his companion, as he cried out

"NO! DAMMIT!" the man crouched over him immediately began to press down on the man's chest as blood began to spurt out, over his hands, and onto his shirt.

Amanda jolted awake, and Oliver got up and moved toward the man on the floor. His eyes were closed, and his mouth hung open. Blood pooled around him, and had dyed his clothes red.

It was ridiculous. The man next to him, who Oliver assumed to be some kind of doctor had been trying for hours to save the man's life. It was unfair that after all his time and hard work… Oliver pressed his fingers to the man's neck, looking for a pulse. His shoulders dropped, when there was nothing.

"It's over." He said.

The doctor didn't seem to hear him. He was staring at the dead man with a mixture of shock and confusion.

"Sir?" Oliver touched the doctor's shoulder. He turned his head to face Oliver. "It's over… he's gone."

The doctor nodded, not really registering. The room was silent as everyone watched as the doctor retracted his hands from the man's bloodied body.

Oliver looked the doctor over. He wasn't a very old man, probably only around forty, but the look on his face gave him seven more years. "You did the best you could" Oliver said to him. "You know that right."

The doctor swallowed. "if he is dead…" he said "Then I most certainly did not do the best I could."

Before Oliver could answer, there was a crash outside, and the sound of shattering glass. It took Oliver about a millisecond to realise what he had to do.

"COVER YOUR EARS!" he hollered, as the glass of the lights shattered. He saw one of the Kryptonians on the other side of the chicken wire slump against it, ears bleeding.

After the shattering had stopped Oliver looked around him. The lights had failed, and there were only sparks and flashes keeping the place lit. Then out of the darkness, stepped the leather clad Canary, with a grin that flashed with the lights.

Oliver sighed in relief. "Am I glad to see you."

A/N: Hooray! Oliver has been found! Well that's one good thing... Unfortunately, the others are kind of... in the sh1t, as we like to say in London town...

So if you enjoyed the chapter, if you hated the chapter, if you were bored by the chapter, if you found it bourjous and ... something else, Go ahead and let me know. I will love you forever... (and that is a promise i can keep ).

If any of my readers have been affected by the recent riots in any way, just know i am praying that you stay safe.

Much Love

Darkeyes xxxxx

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Hi there, been lurking for awhile and figured i should stop being so lazy & review your fabulous story.

To put in bluntly i am loving the dark & deep storyline you've chosen to go with for your first Chlollie fic. I like how you've balanced out the drama with little moments of comedy, especially in this chapter and i look forward to reading more.

yes, still awesome... running to read the next chapter... :D

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